Public Relations

An important goal of the Association is to promote the positive image of the data centres and cloud computing services among the general public.


We also intend, due to our initiative, for Polish centres data suppliers to take the floor in the national discussion on the contemporary IT market and that this opinion will consistent and will take into account our common interests. Through our activities we want to present that in recent years Polish data centres have built unique, in the scale of Europe, competences and are able to provide services at the highest level, solving real business problems and optimizing the costs of companies and institutions.

Together we are building a good image of the data centres:

  • We cooperate with Polish and foreign media
  • We cooperate with state administration units and local organizations related to IT security, data centres in Poland and around the world, cloud computing and the widely understood business
  • We take an active part in the creation of solutions for the functioning and development of innovative services, data centres and cloud computing in Poland. Our goal is to play a leading and active role in the arrangements aimed at further development of professional IT services in Poland
  • We participate in important political, scientific, marketing, events, related to the data centres and the IT sector, both  in Poland and abroad
  • We provide the support for efforts that are to strengthen professional ethics, which means letters of support for important in our field social initiatives, taking the floor in response to the events concerning our industry, which could affect its image in the eyes of general public.
  • We are working on reports regarding the data centres market in Poland and all over the world, we gather and compare information regarding this matter and provide expertise at the highest level
  • We organize professional discussions such as meetings, seminars and conferences related to our industry





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