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Polish Data Center Association is a nationwide organization of companies that are involved in data processing in Poland.


10 largest centers data center in Poland

Together we represent above 60proc the data processing potential market in Poland!

Together they employ more than 1,800 employees.



Polish Data Centre Association’s mission is to take care of Polish data centres good business and to encourage Polish companies and institutions to use IT outsourcing in the data centre. This goal is achieved by building a positive image of the business services sector and by showing the benefits of solutions created on the basis of data centres.



  • Polish data centres’ interests protection
  • Encouraging Polish businessmen and public institutions to use the data centre and the impact of legislative procedures by supporting bills favourable to the development of our services sector
  • Counteraction against monopolistic practices of software suppliers, in particular multinational corporations that introduce restrictions in licensing and auditing informatics environment
  • Raising awareness of Polish data centres market’s importance with the context in the activities of central and local government by demonstrating the impact of building the modern sector of the economy to the development of other related sectors in Poland (energy, construction, services, skilled professionals) and related tax benefits for the further country development
  • Strengthening the position of Polish data centres companies in competitive outside markets in order to this type of export starts to play a significant role in their further development through cooperation with government agencies that are promoting the Polish economy
  • Social Public Relations – building a good image of our company in the media and representing its interests outside
  • Service as a purchase – lobbying for change in VAT settlement under the IT services
  • Education and awareness regarding the innovative building solutions on the basis of the data centres services





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